Building Exemplary Learning Environments Through Technology Integration
Hubbard ISD is committed to establishing exemplary learning environments for all students. Administrators, teachers, and students work together to transform traditional teaching and learning into meaningful, engaging learning experiences that promote student achievement and acquisition of 21st century skills. Students graduate from Hubbard ISD ready for the Information Age.

Ticketing System - Open Ticket
Having trouble? Click on the link above to open a ticket with the Technology Department.

Vision Statement
Instructional technologies empower learners to undertake authentic projects for learning and productivity. Technology makes possible engaged learning experiences for diverse learning groups and provides access to rich resources and expertise previously unavailable. Technology enables student learning that extends beyond the traditional school schedule. 

The State Technology and Readiness Chart (STaR Chart), the Texas Education Agency Technology Applications TEKS, and No Child Left Behind (NCLB - Title II, Part D) set state and national goals to improve student academic achievement through the use of technology, ensure that all students become technologically literate by the end of the eighth grade, promote the effective integration of technology into on-going professional development, 

Traditional teaching and learning experiences are not adequate for 21st Century, world-class education. Roles of teachers and learners must continue to change. In the Digital Age the sheer volume of information means that Hubbard ISD students cannot be passive recipients of instruction; rather HISD students must become active participants in the learning process. It is vitally important that HISD students know how to be sure their sources are credible and they gain skills to collaboratively construct, use, and communicate the knowledge they need for a chosen task, project, or other learning pursuit. Learning and teaching strategies must connect to students' lives and reflect what learning research reveals.

Mission Statement
HISD Technology Department is committed to transforming education practices in order to integrate technology in an exemplary manner that supports purposeful problem-solving, performance-based assessment practices, and experiential learning for all students. This will be done in such a way that alignment to the Hubbard ISD curriculum is maintained, learning is made increasingly relevant, students are authentically engaged, critical thinking is required, and the 21st century skills and state Technology TEKS are learned.

E-Rate Bid Evaluation Criteria
It is the intent of Hubbard ISD to obtain the best quality materials at the lowest prices possible.  In determining to which vendor the contract is awarded, the district considers the following criteria based on points as follows:   

Points Criteria
40 Price of eligible service/product
30 Meets districts needs
10 Correct contact information
20 Past Experience with vendor
100 Total Points

Please go to ESC12. That is where our RFP is located and where we are accepting proposals. Once at the site, you can create a login to our site and then enter the site and submit a proposal. Should you have any questions or technical difficulties, we have a Live Chat available for your use.

TEACHERS:  Google Classroom – Using your mobile device for video lessons.

Before you begin, download the Google Classroom App to your mobile device. 

NOTE:  If you have not created a Google Classroom for your subjects, please see the video tutorial on creating a Google Classroom.


Distant Learning Device Use Policy
(Students/Parents Please Open Distance Learning Device Use Policy below and Review)