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Mission Statement / Vision / Goals

Mission Statement

The Hubbard Independent School District is a dedicated partnership of schools, parents, and community members. Our purpose is to provide each student with quality learning opportunities that inspire personal growth and responsible citizenship in a positive and diverse environment.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Hubbard Independent School District is to help create self - sufficient, responsible individuals through an attitude of neighbors building neighbors.

Belief Statements

At Hubbard ISD, we believe...
  • That education is a collaborative effort of all stakeholders.
  • That students must take an active role in their own learning.
  • In shared decision-making.
  • That education is a lifelong journey supported by family and community.
  • That a student’s success is enhanced as parents and guardians actively support the educational process.
  • That education must be relevant to changing times.
  • That Hubbard ISD seeks to employ dedicated, positive, caring employees and educators.
  • The curriculum and in struction must meet the needs of an ever-changing world.
  • The appreciation of all employees of Hubbard ISD is an integral part of shaping students lives.


“Educating today for a better tomorrow!”