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SARCs (School Accountability Report Cards)

Hubbard ISD Accountability Rating: C

A-F ratings

On August 15, the Texas Education Agency released their A-F district accountability ratings. Campuses will only receive a met standard/did not meet standard rating this year and in 2019 they will receive a letter grade.
I would like to make three points concerning Hubbard ISD’s rating and the accountability system in general and then give you some information on adjustments we have made within the district this year to assure a successful year.

  1. Hubbard ISD received a numerical grade of 79 which equates to a C. Out of 13 districts in Hill County this is the fifth highest score.
  2. If you look at the graph below, you will see a scatter plot of all districts in the state of Texas and their economically disadvantaged percentage as well as their numerical grade in the new accountability system. The conclusion drawn from this chart is something we have known for decades in education: The higher your economically disadvantaged population, the lower your academic outcomes. Basically, our new accountability system which was authorized by our representatives in the Texas Legislature is demeaning to districts with high percentages of economically disadvantaged children. Hubbard ISD currently has an economically disadvantaged population over 60%
  3. If there is any positive take away from this rating, it has served as a great motivating factor for all educators in Hubbard ISD. We are determined to become one of the few school districts that rise from a C to an A this upcoming school year.


Changes for the 2018-2019 School Year

Over the past year we have purchased over $59,000 of new technology for our classrooms.

We hired an Academic Coordinator to support our classroom teachers and students.

During the spring of 2018, we conducted a comprehensive needs assessment of the district with over 18 Hubbard ISD employees. We then created a district improvement plan in which we designed our budget around.

Free breakfast, increased security, later start times, new course offerings and many other adjustments have been made with one thought in mind: That when your child leaves this district they will be fully equipped to become a successful member of society.

This post is not meant to gather any negative feedback concerning how we can better educate our students. If you would like to give constructive feedback, we always embrace the opportunity to listen and grow. Please feel free to come and visit with any administrator within the district with ideas.
We have had a great start to our school year and our administrators have been working all summer to assure that we have a great school year. We refuse to let a letter grade from someone that has never visited Hubbard deter us from having a phenomenal year. Unfortunately, we can’t do it alone. We need the support of every citizen within Hubbard ISD.

Go Jaguars

Wayne Guidry