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District of Innovation

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District of Innovation Plan

Hubbard ISD


Hubbard ISD has completed the process of becoming a District of Innovation.

The plan contains the following exemptions:
1. Class Size and Notice of Class Size (Student to Teacher Ratio)

2. First Day of Instruction (School Start Date)

3. Certification Required, Presentation and Recording of Certificate and Parental


4. Probationary Contract (Teacher Employment Contract)

5. Local Role (Appraisal Process)

6. Planning and Decision-Making Process, District-Level Planning and Decision-Making and

     Local School Health Advisory Council and Health Education Instruction

     (District Advisory Council)

7. Minimum Service Required (Teacher Contract Lengths)

8. Term of Contract and Bid or Request for Proposal Notices

     (School District Depository Contract)

To view the complete plan, click on the link below.