Mrs. Cuevas

Education was not a career choice. It began out of financial necessity.
I graduated high school early and began taking classes at the local junior college, then life happened. I took classes on and off for years and finally, in 2001, I received my associates degree from Navarro College. When I was given the opportunity to teach, I enrolled with Lamar University to complete my degree. This was the best choice since I was able to take all classes online. Thirty four years later I received by Bachelors of Arts and Applied Science.
I had the opportunity to live in Chihuahua, Mexico, while living there, I fell in love with the Spanish language and it became my passion to learn the language, the culture, and travel. I did not realize how much I would enjoy learning about different cultures and when I was given the opportunity to teach Spanish, I knew I would be able to extend my knowledge about the world we live in and teach the students the importance of learning a new language and different cultures. Few of our students get the opportunity to travel and learn about those who live outside of the country and those who are migrating to this country.
Why do I continue to teach in Hubbard? Why would I not? Hubbard is home. I really enjoy our students and I feel a connection with them. I can be more than just a teacher and our students are more than just a number. My door is always open, snacks are available (if they are hungry or not feeling well), and I want my classes to be educational but fun.