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Hubbard Elementary News

March 25, 2019



Perfect Attendance Party

The perfect attendance party for the third quarter will be held Friday, March 29.  Students who were in attendance every day during the third quarter, were not tardy, or did not leave early will receive a permission slip to attend this week.  We will have one more perfect attendance party the last week of school for those who achieve perfect attendance during the fourth quarter.


In addition we will be planning our Outstanding Attendance trip.  To qualify for this day of fun, students must have been in attendance 97% of the school year.  More details about this trip will be coming in the next few weeks.



Our first round of STAAR testing for fourth and fifth grade will be coming up in two weeks.  We are working hard to make sure the students are prepared and will be successful.  If you have any questions regarding the state assessments, please let me know.


District Superintendent

Dr. Wayne Guidry, superintendent at Hubbard ISD has taken a position at Spring Hill ISD in Longview.  We want to thank Dr. Guidry for his leadership, financial guidance and community involvement during his time in Hubbard.  We wish him well in his new position.


Hubbard will begin the search for a new superintendent over the next couple of months.  During that time Mr. Kerry Hanson will serve as interim superintendent.  This will be his third time to work with our district as we have this transition in leadership.



**Milk is served daily at breakfast and lunch. 

Monday – Corn Dog, baked chips, pinto beans, sliced cucumber, lettuce, tomato, apple

Tuesday – Salisbury steak, roll, mashed potatoes, green beans, mandarin oranges   

Wednesday – Cheeseburger, tator tots, baked beans, peaches

Thursday – Chicken Spaghetti, garlic bread, green peas, sliced carrots, pineapple

Friday – Pizza, corn, broccoli normandy, mandarin oranges

Next Monday –  Chili dog, baked chips, cole slaw, pinto beans, apple


Calendar of Events    

March 25 – STAAR Tutoring begins for 3rd & 4th grade

March 29 – Third Quarter Attendance Party

April 9-10 – STAAR Test 5th grade Reading & Math, 4th grade Writing

April 18 – Easter Parties

April 19 & 20 – Easter Holiday



“Progress is impossible without change”

-George Bernard Shaw