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Elementary Dress Code

Hubbard Elementary

Dress Code


We have developed the dress code and grooming guidelines in order to:

  • teach students grooming and hygiene
  • create and maintain a respectful and positive learning environment
  • prevent the disruption of, interference with, or detraction from the educational environment and school activities
  • minimize health and safety hazards

These guidelines provide rules regarding common situations but cannot cover every style of dress and specific situations that may arise. The District reserves the right to prohibit any clothing or grooming style that the administration determines to be inappropriate, reasonably expected to pose a health or safety hazard or cause disruption of, distraction from, or interference with general school operations.



  • All articles of clothing must be clean, neat and in good repair (no rips or tears from excessive wear.) 
  • All articles of clothing must fit appropriately (neither too small and tight or too baggy or oversized.)
  • Garments must allow for participation in all regular school activities while maintaining dignity and modesty.
  • All articles of clothing must be worn as they are designed to be worn.  No pajamas or sleepwear except as allowed on special occasions.
  • Undergarments should not be visible.
  • Jeans and pants should be worn at the waist (no sagging) and no skin should be exposed.  Jeans made with fashion holes may be worn with tights or leggings underneath.
  • Shorts may be worn in grades PK-5.  Shorts may be no shorter than knuckle length with arms extended downs the side, and must be modest when seated.
  • Girls may wear leggings or tights that are not too tight as long as they are covered by a shirt that extends to the top of the leg.
  • Girls may wear dresses or skirts that are not shorter than fingertip length with arms extended down the side.    Shorts or bloomers should be worn underneath for modesty during PE, recess or when seated on the floor.
  • Spandex shorts or pants (bicycle shorts/exercise clothing) may not be worn unless covered with a pair of shorts or a skirt of appropriate length.
  • Tops must have a sleeve or strap that covers the area between the neck and tip of the shoulder (no smaller than 2” in width.)  They must extend beyond the midriff leaving no skin exposed.  Examples of unacceptable tops include backless, see-thru, halter, racerback, strapless, spaghetti straps, crop-tops, and muscle shirts.
  • Clothing or attire that promotes violence, racism, gang participation or affiliation with any radical group will not be allowed.  This includes t-shirts with pictures or slogans that make reference to lewd or vulgar behavior, firearms, alcohol, drugs or tobacco products will not be allowed at school or school functions.



  • Shoes must be worn during all activities. 
  • Sandals and flip-flops are acceptable during the day however; backless shoes are discouraged due to safety at recess. 
  • House shoes or slippers are not acceptable.
  • All students must wear tennis shoes during PE class.
  • Accessories
  • Hats, caps, hoods, bandanas or other head coverings should not be worn in the building (except as allowed on special occasions.) 
  • Girls may have earrings only (no other piercings are permitted.)
  • No piercing is allowed for boys.  Students may not wear gauges in their ears.
  • All jewelry should be kept to a minimum including rings, necklaces, and bracelets so that it does not become a distraction to the student. The school is not responsible for lost or damaged items.
  • Inappropriate tattoos (including fake tattoos) must be covered by clothing. School spirit tattoos on pep rally/game days are acceptable.
  • Hair should be clean and neatly groomed and kept out of the eyes.
  • No unnatural hair colors will be allowed.
  • Boys’ hair must be close to the same length all over the head. And may not be longer than the top of a collared shirt.
  • No tails, pony tails, or braids, for boys. No Mohawks, faux hawks, or pompadours for all students.
  • No inappropriate or excessive designs carved into hair such as circles, swirls, letters, numbers, names, patterns, and geometric shapes. Straight lines up to 2 are acceptable.