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Week at a Glance Fifth Grade

Week of December 6 - 10, 2021
Reading and Language Arts:  Students will take a STAAR Released Reading Benchmark this week on Wednesday and Thursday.
They are to continue reading each evening for 45 minutes toward their A/R testing.
Social Studies:  Students will be introduced to Tension in the Colonies Leading Up to the Declaration of Independence.
Spelling:  Unit 13 Exercises, Writing Words Three Times Each and Test Friday
Week of September 13 - 17, 2021
Reading:  This week will we begin a unit entitled," Author's Purpose and Craft:  Exploring Purpose and Message" in Reading.  We will continue to read our library (self-selected) books, do our read-aloud, Malcolm at Midnight, and complete activities and analysis of author's purpose. 
Students MUST read each evening for 30 minutes.  Thank you.
Language Arts:  This week we write in our Writing Journals from a randomly selected group of writing prompts, following the Writing Process.  We will also complete Lonestar Learning ELA activities daily and review parts of speech.
Social Studies:  Tuesday, a geography test study guide will come home in your child's gold folder.  They are to make sure they know these concepts for a TEST on WEDNESDAY, September 15th.  We will also start a new unit, "Coming to America:  Exploring and Colonizing America."  We will complete the week of The Age of Discovery in Social Studies Weekly magazine.  
Week of September 7 - 10, 2021
Reading:  Unit 1:  Living Literate Lives - Students will work in Readers' Workshop each day to listen and discuss a read aloud novel, Malcolm at Midnight, read self-selected library books while thinking about their reading as they read, and focus on make inferences about our reading.                             
Spelling:  This week we will take Week 1 Spelling Test on Tuesday, September 7th.
                 We will complete Week 2:  Long I and Long O exercises and study for a spelling test on Friday,                   September 10th.  Spelling words are listed under the "Weekly Spelling Words and Guidelines                     for Fifth Grade" in the sidebar to the right.
Language Arts:  Grammar Review: The Eight Parts of Speech
Social Studies:  On Tuesday, students will complete our geography study with a latitude and longitude group activity, "Finding Football Teams throughout the U.S.A."   Then we will study Patriots' Day and 9/11 as we prepare for The Freedom Walk and Program on Friday, September 10th, from 9:00 - 10:00 a.m. at the HHS track, then in the HISD gymnasium.