Online Registration for Secondary Students

Hello Hubbard ISD Secondary Parents,
We have opened up Online Registration for Secondary Students. This is new for all of us, so please keep that in mind if you end up running into any errors. While we have tried to run many test and work out as many kinks as possible, unfortunately, there are unforeseen problems that occur. If you do run across an issue, please look at the Q&A document that is attached. Also, please look at the other documents on how to register.
If you have any issues accessing your account, please call up to the school and ask for Ms. Wilson or Ms. Weatherby.
*If you complete the online registration at home, here is what you will need to complete at school to make registration complete:

1. Transportation Form
2. Socioeconomic Form
3. Recent electric, water or other bill showing the Guardian's Name and Address (every student, new and returning, must do this) - we will make a copy of this for you.
Registration is complete once you have all of the Online Registration is complete and the above forms have been completed.