College Board Scholarship - Big Future - lots of scholarship and grant information. 

Gamma Delta Scholarship Due: December 1st

Hill County Fair Queen Scholarship due December 30th

SFA STEM Scholarship $10,000/year  due April 1st

NAFEPA Scholarship due January 29th

NAFEPA Scholarship Scoring Guide

Don't Mess With Texas Scholarship due March 26, 2016

Texas Caucus of Black School Board Members  due February 1, 2016

State Farm Insurance Scholarship

Navarro County Electric Co-Op Scholarship due February 16, 2016 (Eight scholarships for $6,000 each)

-Navarro County Electric Scholarship Check-list

SFA Smith-Hutson Scholarship Due February 26, 2016 (covers tuition/books/living expenses for up to 4 years)

Member's Choice Credit Union Scholarship due February 29, 2016 ($1500)

A&M Scholarships 

Texas based scholarships

Dorothy Wiseman Scholarship due April 5, 2016

Dr. Auvenshine - Hill College Scholarship due April 11, 2016

Fred Stones, Jr. Memorial Scholarship due April 18, 2016\

Hill College Scholarship due May 31 (online)

CenTex Citizens Credit Union Scholarship due April 1, 2016

Society of Petroleum Engineers Scholarship due April 4, 2016

Hill County Retired Teachers Scholarship due April 5, 2016

Betty Sue and G. Ray Sawyer Scholarship due April 1, 2016

Lowell and Elinor Wilkes Scholarship due April 30, 2016

Tulsa Welding School Native American Scholarship Those looking for careers in welding and metal fabrication