smileySarah Bennett

    I am so excited to be teaching Kindergarten again this year.  If you need to contact me you may send an email or my conference time is 9:15-9:50.. Please call the office 254 576 2359. 

    Below you will see the lessons and activites for the week and our homework.


Week at A Glance November 13-17


Phonics: Letter S s 

Reading: We will read stories about cold weather. Sight words with, two

Writing:  We can come to ... sentences and illustrations. Focus on end marks.

Math: Counting to 30, write, count to and recognize numbers to 30.

Soc studies/Science: We will learn about Thanksgiving.  


Homework: Monday -Thursday:  ( Homework should not take more than 20-30 minutes each day.)

                      Reading: Read weekly story Animals In The Snow

                      Math:    Complete homwork pages

                      Phonics: Word List 4



   Upcoming Events:  Early Release Friday November 17