smileySarah Bennett

    I am so excited to be teaching Kindergarten again this year.  If you need to contact me you may send an email or my conference time is 9:15-9:50.. Please call the office 254 576 2359. 

    Below you will see the lessons and activites for the week and our homework.


Week at A Glance February 19


Phonics: Students will learn letter Vv and complete work using this letter. 

Reading: Students will be reading stories about Family. . sight words:  good, said, have

Writing: Students  will be taking scrambled sentences and putting the words in order to make a sentence.

Math:  Students will work with coins: penny, nickel, dime. Skip count by 5s. We are still working on doubles facts.   

Soc studies/Science: Students will learn about presidents, focus on Lincolin and Washington .


Homework: Monday -Thursday:  Read and learn word list, Read Family Fun, Sight words, Complete math page.


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