Amy Elrod



What are we learning this week? February 19 - 23


Pre - K 3

Letter of the Week- Aa

Theme- Air Transportation

Number- 10, ten

Shapes- Review all

Math - data analysis 

Review-  Write their Name, Colors, Shapes, Numbers 1-9

Sight Words: (-it family) hit, it, sit, fit, kit, mit,  

                                     (-at family)    hat, mat, sat, that, bat, cat, 



Pre - K 4

Letter of the Week - Aa

Word of the Week - Aerodynamic

Number - 19, nineteen 

Math - data analysis - charting 

Sentence of the week: Cindy Circle and Suzy Square like to sing. 

Vocab: aerodynamic, passenger, seat belt, destination, powered, buckles, parallel, laigned, vehicle, highway, 

Theme of the Week: Ait Transportation  

Weekly Focus: Alliteration (same sound at the beginning of most words - Alvin the airplanes arrives at the airport. )

Rhyme: The fit bit was sitting on the mit. 

Word Family - (-it) it, fit, mit, sit, kit, hit, zit, bit, 

Sight words: kit, bit, mit

Character Education: cooperation and intentionality 



Dates to Remember: 

March 2nd - Bad Weather Day for Students and Staff Work Day