Laura Saucke

Welcome to Hubbard High School 


My name is Laura Saucke and this is my 30th year to teach at Hubbard ISD. I teach Explored Learning to the 6th grade and Careers to the 8th grade.  

I graduated from Texas A&M University in 1985 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Community Health Education.

I completed my teacher certification from Baylor University in 1988. I received my Master of Science degree from Baylor University in 1990.

My Math Specialist training is from the University of Texas/Charles Dana Center and was completed in 1997.

The 6th grade will be working together in a project based learning experience with various topics. The 8th grade will be investigating various careers for their future.  We will have guest speakers to further enhance your child's experience. Together we will make this a great learning (and fun) experience for your child.

Thank you so much for entrusting your child to me!

Laura Amonette Saucke 


Week of September 4, 2017

8th Grade


School Holiday


Exploring Assessments....My Skills and Learning Styles Inventory


Ability Profiler

Explore Careers pp. 16-18....Keyword Search, Index, Career Clusters


Continuing Exploring Careers....Industries, Career Selector (Education, Income, Working Conditions)


Test over Matchmaker (All information should be in their binder)


6th Grade


Camping Supplies p. 6

Pack Your Bags p. 7 Use page 6 and choose the top 8 items for your bag


Shopping List p. 8 (100 credits only)

Food for Thought p. 9 (Menu Planning)


Campsite Essentials p. 10

Choose 10 items from the list and be able to justify your choices


Test 1....This will be over the National Park of their choosing and the information in their binder