Welcome to Hubbard ISD Elementary Library

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Read this Summer

Some great places to get involved with reading this summer are your local public libraries! Many of the surrounding towns have free interactive programs and activities to keep your children reading over summer break! 



Hubbard ISD's mission is to provide a safe, inviting, child-centered environment where parents, staff, students and the community share high expectations and work together to develop life-long learners. 


Library Book Check Out
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We at Hubbard Elementary School are very proud of our school library and the many wonderful books it contains for all our students.  We are doing everything we can to protect and preserve these books.  We constantly work to monitor and control loss and damage to our school library books.  Our library staff, classroom teachers, and students will all be very conscientious about the care of our library books.

Encourage your children to read! They are able to check out up to two library books at a time and are striving to reach their Accelerated Reader goal. Encouragement and support at home will enable your child to succeed. Please help your child take care of their library book and return it to school as it is a treasure that another child will be able to enjoy as well!