Thank you for entrusting your child with me this year.  This year I will begin my 13th year at Hubbard Elementary.

I will be teaching Second grade Language Arts and Social Studies.  This will be a very exciting year in your child's school career.  During the year your child will learn many things that will create a foundation for all future learning. It is my wish that this will be a productive and enjoyable year.


Lesson Plans for Language Arts and Social Studies

Donna Riddle 

Second Grade


 Week of:  February 19 - 23, 2018





Day / Date

Subject – Reading and LA

Subject – Social Studies










President’s Day

We will be presenting our President information to the class and the rest of HISD


















My Book of U.S. Presidents

This is a cut and paste project

Cursive practice


Homework –

Read for 20 minutes


U. S. Symbols









What I learned from class and my research of presidents

Let’s Write the President of the United States of America!

Homework –

Read for twenty minutes

U.S. Symbols











Rewrite the letter to the President


Read for 20 minutes


We will be watching the movie “Lincoln” in class today

















Mail our letters to the President of the United States of America


 US Symbols


supply list 

NOTE - we do not need any notebook paper (we have enough) 

Pencils   80 per student

Erasers   80 per student

2 red folders

1 package of construction paper

Crayons  6 boxes per student

Rulers     1 per student

Scissors   1 per student

1 package of  Dry eraser markers

Composition book  1 per student

Lysol wipes    1 per student

Facial tissue    6 per student

Glue Sticks 5 per student 

or two bottles of glue

ear buds for the computer

zip lock bags



Pencil bags (1) no plastic zipper bags-big enough to hold 2 pencils, scissors, crayons and glue.


There is no need in labeling items.  We put everything together and share.


Thank you,

Second Grade