Jean Ann Baker 5/28/18

It was been a quick school year full of learning!  Your kids have grown as math scholars in ways they never knew they could.  I am very proud of the progress our kids made this school year.  Thank you so much for all of your help this year.  Have a happy, relaxing summer, we've all earned it!


The math that we are doing now in elementary school looks so different from the math that we learned when we were students.  In all honesty, if I weren't a teacher with exposure to the new style of math I would have not even the faintest clue on where to begin with some of these methods.  I have created a YouTube channel with short videos with me explaining how to do math using the different styles that the students are learning in class.  It is currently a work in progress, so there aren't many videos yet, but more are coming.  I have given students instructions on how to get to the channel. Here is the link to go to the channel.  I would even reccomend subscribing to the channel so it is easy to find without having to come back to this page first to get to the link: