M. Reamy's Class

Third grade Reading, Language Arts, Social Studies


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Hello all!


I am so excited to see what this year has to hold!

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me via email, Remind101 or you can schedule a conference.

Our conference time is 1:45-2:30.

All weekly assignments are listed below.


***Always remember***
Read with your students for at least 20 minutes a night 
Practice your spelling words (posted on the week at a glance below) 
Check your students gold folder nightly.
Weekly folders will be sent home with graded assignments that need to be signed.
Sign up for Remind 101 by textng to the number: 81010   >  with a message that says: @mrsmream
***Weeks at a glance***
M. Reamy WK 26 Feb 19– Feb 23


K 26

Jag time   8:00-8:30

Reading  3A  8:30-9:15


LA 3A 10:00-10:55


Reading and LA 3B -- 12:15-1:45

Comp Lab 3A  9:15-10:00

Lunch 10:55-11:30

Social Studies 3A 11:30-12:15

2:30- 3:15

PE (conf)




Spelling List Week

C17 path social whale shimmer thought who what when where why motion ashamed shelter throat position

Spelling practice

discuss brainstorming

Shiloh/Ch5 discussion

Ss: Presidents Day



Intro to budgets

conf scheduled





 mini lesson: leveled reading :The trail of tears-yonder mountain

 Ind reading: ch6&7/discussion

LA daily: writing

 Ss: budgets save a dollar spend a dollar

 typing.: typing club

ELAR/ Typing


budgets save a dollar spend a dollar






 mini lesson: brainstorm in writing/narration

 Ind reading: ch8/worksheet

 LA daily: continue writing

 Ss:` Were our founding fathers rich?

 typing.: typing club



were our founding fathers rich?






 mini lesson: Balancing/saving/ minding your money

 Ind reading: ch9/discuss

 LA daily: narrate trail of tears & spelling practice

 Ss: worksheet

 typing.: typing club

ELAR/ Typing


Read sections not covered


FrI day


Or multiplication


  • Get ready for spelling test

Spelling test


 mini lesson: regroup/anything not understood

 Ind reading: ch10/ discuss-- 6-10quiz

 LA daily: finish worksheets

 Ss: quiz





Finish weeks work


Students will have the option to purchase the calzones, chips, cheese sticks, and other items for sale as well as ice cream all week.
Students may pay with cash or use money that is prepaid on their lunch account.  To add money to your child’s account you may send it an envelope to school or use the My School Bucks, link on the school website, www.hubbardisd.com.  To find this link, select departments at the bottom of the home page, then food service.  Students are not allowed to charge snack line items.   
We are very excited about the new choices available to our students on the snack line and are pleased to be able to offer this to our third graders.
If you have any questions, please let me know.
Price List – 
Calzones $2.00
Pizza $1.50
Chips $1.00
Ice Cream $1.00 (limit 1 per day)
Rice Krispy Treats $1.00 (limit 1 per day)
Brownies $1.00 (limit 1 per day)
Bottle Drinks/water $1.00
Juice Packs $0.75
String Cheese   $0.75
Fruit Roll-Ups $0.50 (limit 1 per day)
Cookies $0.50 (limit 1 per day)