Hubbard ISD Home
Family Engagement Plan
"Hand in Hand, Together We Can!"

  1. Hubbard ISD will host a series of family nights where parents can come together to discuss and share parenting tips, ideas for family involvement and ways to help their children be successful. School personnel and volunteers will serve as facilitators and have materials available for participants.

  2. Hubbard ISD will compile a list of resources available to families including the local food bank, Ministerial Alliance, ACH family counseling services, KLARAS, Hope Therapy, and others as identified and provide these to families.

  3. Hubbard ISD will invite parents to participate in on school advisory committees including the Campus Improvement Committee, School Health Advisory Committee and District Improvement Committee.

  4. Hubbard ISD will host academic fairs and for families to interact with students and teachers to view students work and gain strategies for assisting children at home so that they can be successful.

  5. Hubbard ISD will focus on positive family interactions by establishing procedures for positive parent communication and providing staff development for all staff in parent engagement.

  6. Parent and Family surveys and questionnaires including the Community and School Engagement Survey will be used to gain input for school planning.

      Donna Vardeman – Elementary – (254) 576-2359
      Dr. Joseph Ferguson – High School – (254) 576-2549

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